Written By: Danny

We went to Primal Halifax for the first time, and as vegetarians, it was a little strange stepping into this place, only for the fact they sell A LOT of meat. 

BUT! We went for the beershakes, and the beershakes alone. 

Check out these bad boys!

Primal Halifax Beershake

How awesome does that look?
The best part? You get to make it your way!

You get a Candy Rim with Whipped Cream. 
Then you choose what beer and flavour of ice cream you want.

You also get the optional toppings of: 
– Doughnut Chips
– Caramel Corn
– Oreos
– Waffle Cone 

Seriously awesome. 

Primal Halifax Beershake

I’m not saying much about this post, ’cause there’s a video below that highlights the whole experience!

Check out their Website and Instagram pages!

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