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Being the photographer that she is, Kaylin wanted to go on a bit of a road-trip for a photoshoot. 
She organized a model and hairstylist for the evening and invited me along. 
We drove about 2 to 2.5 hours to get to the 
Seafoam Lavender Farms

Seafoam Maggie

The owners were incredibly accommodating and allowed us to come by after hours so we didn’t have to worry about working around other visitors and trying not to get them in our shots. 

For a good amount of time, I was just the assistant who held the soft-box while Kaylin took photos.

Seafoam Lavender Fields with Model
Seafoam Maggie
Seafoam Maggie

Once the sun started to set, we moved to the field beside the farm to take advantage of the lighting.

We were not disappointed.
The sun came out and gave us a fiery glow that was just absolutely incredible.

Seafoam Maggie
Seafoam Maggie
Seafoam Maggie

After we packed up and headed home, we drove by a huge field with rolled hay bales.
The sky had cooled down again and made a beautiful sunset backdrop.
So, naturally, we decided to stop and grab a couple more photos.

Seafoam Maggie
Seafoam Maggie
Seafoam Maggie

I’d never gotten the chance to work with Maggie or Julia before this, but they’re both incredibly sweet, and talented ladies. 

Everyone worked together really well, and made the whole adventure from beginning to end, a great and flawless experience.

You can check out their Instagram pages below:

Hairstylist: Julia
Model: Maggie
Photographer: Kaylin

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