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Couple Photos in Field

For a while, we didn’t know how to take good couple photos, and up until recently, they usually consisted of only one of us.
We thought it was necessary to change it up and have the two of us in it. (Since we’re in this together).
But, since we don’t have a third person with us, or the option to ask someone walking by. (It’s a rarity.)
We knew we had to figure out a way to make it work with just us.  

There were some things we had to get used to and test out before anything really came of it, like being awkward on camera and finding the right settings. 

But, I’d say we’re good to go now.
So, how do we do it?


01. Tripod

Tripods are key to making this work. We don’t have an expensive one, because a cheap one does exactly what we need it to. As long as it is sturdy enough to stand on its own, and hold the weight of your camera when you tilt and swivel it, you’re set. I think our tripod cost us like $20. Maybe.

It’s also important to note that often times you’ll put your tripod in places it probably shouldn’t go.
So, for that reason, we like to stick to the cheap ones so we aren’t constantly replacing expensive gear.

02. framing your shot

After you’ve found your perfect spot to shoot and have your tripod set up, it’s time to frame the shot.
Depending on what you’re looking for, and your location, your composition will change. 
Do you want to get the background? If so, how much? Do you want to be centred, or to the side? Big or small?
All of these things need to be kept in mind.

Luckily, as a couple, you can send one person out into the frame and move them around until you get exactly what want.

03. Time-Lapse

The settings on your camera play such a huge part in getting the best photos.
Not all cameras will have this setting, so please check to see if your does.

If it doesn’t, it should at least have a self-timer and burst mode. Use that.)

We also make sure to set it to auto-focus or ‘follow-focus’ so when we move around the frame, it will keep us in focus.
(Again, not every camera will have this. If it doesn’t, focus on the person you framed initially, and when you run into the shot, try to stay in the same area to ensure you’re both in focus.)

Once we’re happy with how things are looking, and the settings are ready, I hit the shutter and run into the frame.

This gives much more candid shots, rather than the typical posed ones. It’s also really great to use because you’re not trying to hide a remote or your phone while in the photo and you can focus on getting the best shot possible.


**Please note: Not every shot will be a good one. Sometimes the camera snaps in between weird position changes or facial expressions. But, we’ve gotten at least one good one in each burst.

Couple Photos in woods
Couple Photos by lake
Couple Photos in Field

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